“I received a PDF copy from the author, with whom I share many concerns about and hopes for the Trump Presidency, and am truly delighted with all that he has done. As a former spy who also co-created the Marine Corps Intelligence Intelligence Activity and went on to found the Open Source Intelligence discipline, I deal every day with complex nuanced topics that I find very difficult to explain to normal people.

This author has done a BRILLIANT job, a PATRIOTIC job, a LIFE-ENHANCING and GOD- BLESSED job, of laying out both the threats to the Trump Presidency and to America, and the threats and possibilities for resurrecting America and saving it from the Deep State I know so well.

The chapter on Agenda 2030, the UN’s nominally well-intentioned but actually deeply threatening hegemoic goals, is alone worth the price of the book and I have asked the author’s permission to extract and publish that chapter.

Nothing is what it seems if you are a normally educated person who relies on the mainstream media (Crap News Network, New York Compost, Washington Poop) for their information. This book is education and valuable — politically, culturally, economically, ethically — in every possible sense of the word. BRAVO!

Robert David Steele
Former CIA, Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 2017

Dear John & Dr. Elliott,

THANK YOU so much for speaking to our group Tuesday. Your words about what President Trump has been doing was informative and we were very encouraged when you said it’s like a chess game—he’s going to get everything done he says he’s going to do. Thank you for encouraging us! Your Wednesday night workshop was informative as well.

Dr. Elliott, we felt lucky and privileged to hear you—all the things that you’ve done and all you’ve been involved in. The consensus of the attendees was your talk was amazing! We wish you every blessing and success in your endeavors. Keep up the good work.

Dean And Janet Mixon
Tea Party Manatee, Florida February 2018

“I thought the book was excellent!!  It was filled chock full of nuggets of truth and resources to go with them.  I had heard about those clandestine agencies around 10 yr ago from Faye Hardin’s (an evangelist) newsletters.  It scared me so badly I quit the newsletters.  Now I am older and hopefully wiser, so I can at least look at the problem with new eyes.

I learned many new things in the book:  Agenda 2030 (I knew about agenda 21, but this is even scarier).  George Washington’s “vision” and angelic visit were fascinating.

You explained that The Establishment is really the Shadow Government, and now I understand why even Republicans are anti-Trump.  I voted for Trump, but mostly because I detest Hilliary, the most corrupt of the corrupt!  The Hegelian Dialect was new to me, and now I understand why certain government officials create a problem, wait for the reaction (outrage), then come forth with the solution they wanted when they created the “problem.”  The concept of False Flags was also new and related to the Hegelian Dialect.  Looking back, I can see how the US government has used this tactic of blaming others to justify their own actions.  Hitler used it too, as I learned in Mein Kampf!

I learned a little about The Fed, which I have never really understood, and now I want to delve further into that topic. I will keep your book among my treasured ones and look forward to the next one!”

L. Jones

“I just finished reading his book and I can say this book is disruptive, transformational and inspiring. It challenges even the most awakened reader.”

“I have known John Chambers since our early days together at the Save America Foundation. John is one of the most relentless, tireless and ruthlessly honest people that I have ever known. He is funny, engaging, street-smart and knows how to think outside the box. He is a dedicated patriot and a visionary. His gifts are numerous, but he remains a humble man of dedicated purpose. Best of all, John knows how to get things done. He doesn’t just sit back and complain or take pot shots at people who are fighting the good fight. He pitches in and helps where he can. I am honored to have known John and count him as a dear friend.”

Richard Davis, MD

“We need more men like you with the courage to speak the truth in love as you do.”

Diane, Realtor

“I have known John for about ten years both professionally and personally. We have jointly written a book together, worked on numerous other projects and spoke around the country at conferences and on radio shows promoting financial, economic, and religious freedom. John has the tenacity of a bull dog with a heart to help people that’s larger than life.”

Kirk Elliot, PhD

“John confirmed my own ‘conspiracy theories’, woke me up to reality, has been consistently present since we met in July of 2011, and is integral, trustworthy and informed.”

Jacqueline, Travelpreneur WorldVentures
N. Carolina

“John is a man who cares very deeply about people and who is always looking to help and offer opportunities to anyone looking. He is a out of the box thinker and a person who will look at situations from a unique perspective. I am honored to consider him my friend and always look forward to every time we can get together.”

Alex Snitker, Former US Senate Candidate

“My wife and I have known and worked with John for many years. His ability to see what is or has been happening in the world of politics and banking is incredible. His sharp mind holds a myriad of great information. His book, writings and music are an asset to anyone really interested in seeking and understanding what is going on in this sick world today.”

Fred-Brownbill, Former President of the Save America Foundation

“I have known John for several years. He is kind, gentle and honest and his integrity is beyond question. He opened my eyes to the dangerous path that we are on and we did what we could to warn the people around us of that danger. Listen to this man and follow his advice!”

Kevin, Computer Programmer

“Misconceptions and Course Corrections is a skillfully written powerful summation of all things that exist within time as we understand it, John has opened that door to just the right degree so that we can see the world without the rose colored glasses that keep so many in darkness. Johns writings and teachings change that in a big way! Read this book and get a copy for a friend! John has the uncanny ability to simplify both intense and complex issues leading to greater clarity!. It is only when we can really look at something as it is, that we can know and be comfortable with truth”.

“Having worked side by side with John Chambers for the last seven years, I know first hand his passion for educating people globally on the major issues of our times with the motivating factor being to leave this world a better place than before he came. I’m blessed and honored to have crossed paths with him! Can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next!”

Amanda Vazquez, International Health and Wellness Consultant

“For many years I have followed the adventures of John Michael Chambers as he circled the globe and I’ve traveled with him across the USA. I’ve admired his creativity, drive and ethics while working with him in the recording studio, the radio station and onstage. From all these experiences I have formed a deep bond and admiration for John. I fully endorse anything he takes on as he is one of the finest men I’ve ever known.”

J Todd Plant, Entertainer, Vocalist / Musician

“Misconceptions and Course Corrections covers a wide array of topics that everyone in society needs to read. It’s written in an easy format – each subject has it’s own chapter. The author writes in a style as if it were your friend giving you much needed advice with a bit of tough love. It is also written in a way that is very easy to understand without overwhelming you too much, but still provides many resources, links, etc. for you to delve deep if you want to. This book will awaken you to what is going on in the world, not just spiritually but also politically.”

Leandra, Administrative Assistant

“I read your book and I felt so connected. Although it imparted some sad and scary information, it still had a lighthearted, human feel. You put such depth into everything you say and make each statement a thought provoking mystery for us to solve only to find that the answer is so simple: Love. I have complete faith that the human race has the ability to turn things around and make the world a better place for future generations.”

Jeanette, Hospital Administrator
New York

“John your clients are so lucky to have you.”

Ed Slott, CPA, Author
New York

“I met John about two years ago. I kept asking, “Why are all these strange things always happening to me?” John answered,” Stop always asking why and start living your life. I now catch myself, before I get into asking why, thanks to John. I’ve read a lot of self help books over the last thirty years. John’s book, Misconceptions and Course Corrections: A Collection of Critical Essays for Our Times, is one of the best New Age books I’ve read in a long time. John’s book was like breath of fresh air, forever nourishing my soul. John’s book shifted my consciousness. I feel it will definitely leave an indelible imprint on the minds of readers. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is interested in becoming an “enlightened being”.”


“If you want to be informed at a level that you thought was only available to Washington insiders, then I suggest you get on board with John Michael Chambers, whom I highly recommend. We recently had John address Tea Party Manatee and before he left booked him for another engagement. John is not only a patriot but a statesman. His conservative, no-nonsense teaching style will help anyone to better articulate the conservative defense for the most current issues of the day, while equipping you or your group for the offense that lies ahead. John’s organization also provides you with numerous resources.”

Jack May – President, Tea Party Manatee
Bradenton, Florida

“John, I knew you would be busy when you left for your trip in 2011. Thank you for writing this book. You made this insane world make sense by showing history and connecting the dots. We can see what the lack of history has done to divide America. This should be required reading in all schools.”

Karen Schoen

“John Michael Chambers was our guest speaker at the Calhoun County Tea Party in Battle Creek on August 24th. John shared his knowledge of what is really going on with our Government and the Deep State. Everyone that I talked too was very impressed with his presentation. It was very eye opening. To put it in a baseball term ” He totally knocked it out of the Park”!!!!!!

Anyone who has read his book ‘Trump and the Resurrection of America’ or attended his presentations has a better understanding of what we are facing as a nation. (Get the book and read it if you haven’t already!)”

Bill Rees
Michigan / Florida

I had the opportunity and privilege to meet Mr. Chambers and spend some face-to-face time discussing the current socio-political climate. He is highly intelligent and has a great deal of insight to share. I began reading his book as soon as I received it, it’s so compelling. It’s definitely worth reading. We need to increase our awareness of the deliberate destruction of our nation and society right before our very eyes.”

John Van Sickle, Counter Intel Officer
Alamogordo, New Mexico September 2017

John, Thank you for the above Intelligence Report. It was both frightening and illuminating. Every American should read this report. Please continue your mission to expose the truth concerning the leftist tactics of world domination and control of all freedom loving people.

God Bless and take care.


Jack and Beth Colvin

“Wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed John Michael Chambers. I purchased his book “Trump and the Resurrection of America” and I could not put the book down! Everyone should read it and plus it should be required reading for all teachers!”

Jupiter, Florida