Free Critical Public Workshop

Trump’s Economic Capitalism – Are You Prepared?

Dangers and Opportunities

U.S. monetary policy has shifted for the first time since the Clinton administration. What impact will this have on your portfolio? Economists the world over agree that we are in an “everything bubble”. Are you prepared?

  • How will this affect your bonds, stocks and real-estate holdings?
  • Debunking the myth of diversification
  • Understanding the importance of paper to tangible ratios
  • Understanding precious metals and cryptocurrencies
  • Should you say no to annuities? Annuity rescue and maximization strategies
  • Strategic allocation for growth, inflation protection, and income planning
  • Markets at all-time highs – Is this the “everything bubble”? Take profits now!
  • GOOTS – Get Out Of The System – A New Paradigm for Strategic Planning
  • Q&A Session

Each attendee will receive the Strategic Investing Course &
Digital E-book, The Road Map – Your Passport to Freedom and The Advisor Scorecard

John Michael Chambers

Author . Speaker . Strategic Wealth Coach

Dr. Kirk Elliott, PhD

Economist . Sovereign Advisors

This is a must attend presentation to gain insights on how to protect and grow your retirement assets through this paradigm shift of economic policy.

These workshops will serve those with accumulated assets and for those looking to be connected to a network of like-minded people who understand the times in which we live. Visit our calendar for Public Workshops near you.