Why Gold? Why Silver? Why Now?

Before you go out and start investing in precious metals or start selling off your current holdings, it is wise to gain a better understanding about this alluring asset class so that you are better equipped to make wise decisions regarding your retirement assets. There is much to know about owning precious metals, gold, silver, platinum and palladium. No better place to start by first reviewing a brief history and by addressing some basic questions like; why gold, why silver, why now?

Global Financial Paradigm Shift

Commodities tend to do well with a weak dollar policy and in a rising interest rate environment. Commodities such as oil, gas, steel etc. are good paper assets classes to have exposure to. When investing in precious metals, both gold and silver should be owned in the tangible form, (coins and bars) not in paper. In this global financial paradigm shift that is underway, both gold and silver are poised for tremendous growth.

Trend Is Your Friend

The “Comparative Asset Class Analysis” is a study that was completed by PhD Economist Dr. Kirk Elliott. The asset classes that were compared for growth between 2000-2017 include Real Estate, the DOW, CD”s, 30 Yr. Treasuries, Gold and Silver. Gold’s performance was 9.60% and Silver’s performance was 9.97% while the DOW returned 5.41%, 30 Year Treasuries 4.09%, Real Estate 4.03%, and CD’s just 1.81%. The inflation adjusted numbers and other supportive data is available when you request a copy of this analysis.

The value of the U.S. Dollar is declining and will continue to do so under Trump’s weak dollar policy. This is very bullish for Gold and Silver as are rising interest rates, chaos, uncertainty and turmoil as precious metals is a flight for safety. There are three phases to a bull market. We are in the beginning of phase two with many more years to go. This is the time to re-position a portion of your assets into physical, tangible Gold and Silver, both coins and bars.

Buyer Beware

Precious Metals is an unregulated industry. Not all dealers are created equally. The dealers who advertise extensively pay millions of dollars a month to reach you The only problem is to offset their advertising costs, they simply over charge the customer. Most will also charge a fee not only when you buy it, but also when you sell it. We have done the due diligence for you so that you have the best overall value firm to acquire your metals positions.

There Is Much to Know

Gold and Silver acts as an Insurance policy and a hedge against collapsing currencies and is perhaps the best asset class at this time to hedge against inflation. Gold and Silver will maintain its purchasing power over time Below are but some questions and points to consider before investing. We can help you with this through our Resource Network.

. What are the best storage options?

. What is the current gold to silver ratio?

. What percentage of gold and silver is best today to allocate into and why?

. Are rare coins or semi-numismatic coins a good investment?

. Should I protect my IRA from stock market loss and the impact of inflation with precious metals?

. If I store my metals at the depository is it insured? Privately owned? Government owned? Is it segregated storage? What are the fees?

. What is “junk silver”?

. How quickly can I liquidate and trade my metals?

. Will I be advised when to re-allocate or optimize my current holdings? Will I be advised when it’s time to get out?

. What percentage of my retirement assets should be in gold and silver?

. Why is investing in gold and silver in the paper asset form (stocks, mutual funds, ETF’s etc.) a bad idea?

. Why is Wall Street and my financial advisor not so bullish on gold?


Why gold why silver why now? It simply is the most important asset to consider at this time for a percentage of your assets. These and many more issues need to be addressed and understood before acquiring precious metals. We can help.