Some Common Questions


Question: Are you a financial advisor?

Answer: No. I am no longer a financial advisor. I retired from a successful career as a financial advisor in 2008. I am a Strategic Wealth Coach, Author and Public Speaker. Visit the About Us page for more biographical data.

Question: What is the difference between your two membership options?

Answer: The general membership is an on-line delivery system of valuable current information; the news behind the news, geopolitical, political and economic data as well as intel reports. This membership also includes one private consultation with John Michael Chambers. The V.I.P. membership does not include the general membership benefits and all V.I.P. members are strongly advised to join both memberships. The V.I.P. Strategic Wealth Coach Membership is a streamlined comprehensive empowerment program working directly with John Michael Chambers and PhD Economist Dr. Kirk Elliott. This includes an in depth portfolio commentary and analysis and guides you through the process to getting your income secured and assets protected.

Question: Does your program include advisors and insurance professionals to help with implementation?

Answer: This is done through our most valuable Resource Network. Through this network, we have the finest professionals of like mind including but not limited to fee based money managers, precious metals experts, insurance professionals and senior benefits full service agencies.

Question: Can you explain the membership fee structure?

Answer: Sure, it’s simple. General membership is $100.00 annually with an auto recurring billing on your anniversary date. You can click and unsubscribe at any time. The V.I.P. membership fee is a one-time only, lifetime membership fee of $500.00. All fees are processed via debit or credit card on line. Our membership services director can answer any questions you may have.

Question: What are the V.I.P. Membership qualifications? How do I know if I qualify?

Answer: The V.I.P. Membership serves those that have assets to protect and need assistance with this process. The details and qualifications will be discussed in our initial no-fee consult.

Question: I see you travel a lot. Where are consultations held?

Answer: Yes, I travel quite a bit as my work is far reaching.  In most cases and whenever possible, the initial consultation is a face to face meeting with me in a public location like a hotel conference room or lobby, the library or in the comforts of your home. Then as you progress through the program, the majority of our system is delivered via technology. There are audio and or video conferences that members have with me and Dr. Elliott. Then there is the members portal access for V.I.P. members. It’s very effective and easy to do business and to maintain contact.

Question: Do I have to be politically active to be a member?

Answer: No not at all. It matters not which side of the political fence you are on or if you are politically active or not when it comes to your personal financial situation. Fiscal and monetary policy from DC as it plays out through the system, affects all of us regardless of who is presently in office. Our system works for everyone.

Question: Tell me more about your public speaking services and group consulting.

Answer: I have spoken extensively in eight states and thirty cities to date in the United States as well as in foreign countries. I can travel anywhere in the U.S. for a public speaking engagement or personal group consulting. Contact Amanda Vazquez for scheduling and details. I do at least three or more speeches each month. See calendar for events.