Unlock the secrets to the world of Annuities – Should You Say No To Annuities?

Annuity Rescue and Maximization Strategies

Some advisors swear by them and some decry them.

How could there be such a vast difference of opinions from a group of professionals?

The Annuity Academy serves those who either own annuities, are thinking about investing in annuities or have questions about annuities. There is much to know about annuities and this is an important subject particularly for retirees as trillions and trillions of dollars are invested in annuities. What percentage of investable assets meets suitability requirements? Do you have too much invested in annuities? Is it good or bad for your IRA to be invested in an annuity? Should annuities be held in trust? Did you know that how you title your annuity is critical? Is your company on the financial watch list? What is the risk to reward ratio for the different types of annuities? What is the cost comparison for each type of annuity? Below are but a few of the types and components of the annuity.



Fixed Indexed


Split Annuity


Participation Rates



Daily-Monthly – Annual – Averaging crediting system

Daily – Monthly – Annual point to point crediting system

Income Riders

High watermark riders

Death benefit options

Death benefit riders

Annuitization Options

Mortality and expense fees

Sub-account fees


Company strength and competitiveness

Surrender charges

Liquidity options


Probate free

State guarantee association fund

There is much to know about the world of annuities and it is an important discussion to have since the average annuity investment exceeds $100,000 and annuities are long term contracts with surrender penalties.

Annuity Rescue or Maximization

If you have an annuity or want to get out of an annuity or are thinking about investing in an annuity you should attend our Annuity Academy. This is a group audio / video live conference from the comforts of your home where I will discuss everything you need to know about annuities and answer your questions.

Where? When?

This takes place the first Friday of each month at 10:00 AM and typically lasts 60 minutes from the comforts of your home. The fee for this service is just $9.99. If you are unable to attend and prefer a private one on one consultation with me, John Michael Chambers and a review of annuities you can request an annuity consultation. The fee for this service is just $100.00 and typically last about an hour.

Annuity Academy Conference $9.99

Annuity Private Consult $100.00